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Ontario Engineering Society

Innovation Starts Here.

OES is a foundation that strives to provide engineering opportunities to students of all ages in order to solve present and future global problems.


About OES

A provincial organization that focuses on providing the community with opportunities in engineering. Our main goal, however, is to help students ranging from elementary to high school in building their foundation in the engineering sciences. In addition to this, we will hold numerous competitions year-around in order to increase participation. Most importantly, we strive to provide each individual of our community with an equal chance towards engineering opportunities.

Technology Class


Explore, Master & Impact.

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OES Tech-Startup Competition

An event meant to connect business and technology in order to jumpstart today to change the future.

  1. Collaborate in groups of 2-4 with like-minded individuals.

  2. Spend 48 hours developing and perfecting your unique idea.

  3. Prototype and create a working module to implement your idea.

  4. Learn and conversate with experts from various STEM fields.

  5. Present your project to a panel of judges from various industries. 

  6. Win prizes or earn funding to further progress your project!

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